All I See is Chaos

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Above my pantry in my Kitchen is a beautiful (handmade by a friend) sign that reads “Love Grows Best in Chaos Just Like This” and while I believe it to be true, sometimes I wish for a less chaos.

Do any of you get that “YES!  I’m-seriously-almost-organized-the-house-is-basically-clean-AND-tidy-WHOA-the-laundry-is-caught-up!” feeling?  Isn’t it glorious? … and then about an hour and a half later are you proven terribly wrong?  Because it happens to me all the time.

I have a dream of my husband taking a little trip (ideally about four days) and having my kids otherwise entertained so that I can take that time to purge/clean/organize/tidy this chaotic abode.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have everything under control so that when your child says “hey Mom!  Can we play?” I could say “Yep!” rather than “Later, I’m busy … I just really need to finish this …” it makes me sad and I’d like it to change.  It may seem odd that I’d want my Hubs to be away for this time.  He’s so terribly busy that, first of all, he needs a dang four day trip.  Second of all, I get more work done when he’s not here.  I find that I’m able to work later into the evening and not have to have things somewhat picked up and a proper meal prepared.  I even have a daily list for my clean-up dream … (that’s how dreams take action right?)  I’ve got back-up, babysitters & help at the ready!  I get pretty excited when I think about it.  Can ya tell?  Lately I’ve been trying to accomplish some of the things from said list during our normal week and it hasn’t been going well.  The other day I sorted and tidied (and threw out and donated) some of our belongings from the basement and Toy Room.  I made so much progress!  Until I came upstairs and found all of the things (and snacks and toys and papers and crayons) that the twins had gotten in to!  Seriously?!  Why?!  Can’t I just get a head for like, a day!?

… This has become quite the rant hasn’t it?

How do you all keep your lives organized?  I honestly need all the help and suggestions I can get.

I’ve truly come to believe that when we get rid of a bunch of stuff there will be less to clean up and organize.  Less chaos!

How much time to we spend worrying about, cleaning, purchasing and organizing our belongings?  And while we’re doing that, we’re unable to spend time with our family and friends and doing the things that really matter like making memories and enjoying the fleeting moments we have with these people that we love.

In short?  My life/house is chaos.  I hate stuff.  Do more things with people and less with belongings.  (shoulda just written that I suppose)

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