Back-In-The-Day-Moms were hardcore!

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… I’m talking way back in the day.  Like, pre-running water and electricity … I legit don’t know how they did it!

No washer & dryer.  No dishwasher.  Vacuum.  Vehicles (could you imagine running your kids around with a horse and buggy?) More chores and less help.  I think often of what it must have been like to wash clothes with a washboard or to haul water from somewhere and heat it up for cleaning, washing and bathing.


I, on the other hand, struggle to keep up even with all of the modern conveniences that we have, besides the fact that my mom folds my laundry once a week while she babysits half of my kids.  My sweet friend Krista helps me clean and/or organize my home and even encourages me to toss things I totally don’t need and still I can’t get it together.

Half of the problem is all of the stuff that I think we need.  I read this blog post that made a beautiful point about this.  She said “I spend my time on what matters to me, not managing my stuff” she makes a lot of good points but this one in particular spoke to me.  I can’t tell you how many hours and days I have spent just trying to organize and manage our stuff.  So now instead of all that nonsense I have been trying to minimize and not just reorganize the things in our lives.

It seems like I’m always right on the verge of being organized … it’s very frustrating.  Please tell me if you have any simple solutions for the disorganized and forgetful moms (because that’s me!)


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