“Sit Back and Enjoy!”

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At our church’s Sunday School Christmas concert Hannah (who is two) had a line to welcome everyone to the program: “Sit back and enjoy” she said.  It was basically the cutest thing ever (besides, of course, the lines that her sisters said … but those don’t apply at the moment.)

This morning I read a beautiful blog post!  Naturally I read it after my eight year old and I had a blow out about none other than a frickin Leprechaun Trap (I know, truly).  HERE is the link to that post, please pop over there and read it.  She is much more eloquent than I so it’s an easy read and it’s such a lovely reminder for all of us that are “in the thick of it”.

Most days I feel like we do very well to enjoy the little things and to realize how blessed we are and how quickly the time goes (oh look!  I’m on that again … *eye roll*).  Every day I am amazed at how much and how quickly my kids have grown … especially when someone says something to me like “before you know it Grace will be driving” … and I quickly tell them to shut the heck up!  Honestly I can’t think about it too much because it makes me so sad  … before we know it I will be the elderly woman on the beach longing for the days of yelling at my daughter about a Leprechaun.

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