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Recently I was encouraged to get blogging (again, kind of) so I popped over here to my wordpress.com site and discovered that I hadn’t written a dang thing since 2014!  Guess what you guys?!  That was three years ago!  I’m constantly amazed at how quickly the time goes.  Remember when we were kids, or even in High School, when time seemed to drag on forever?  For me the years from grade nine to grade twelve felt like they’d never end.  It’s crazy how many memories we can cram in to three short years.

Before kids we were told how fast the time would go once we did … not that we didn’t believe that … but it’s impossible to express how crazy-fast it goes.  My oldest kid is nine!  NINE YEARS OLD!  Are you kidding me?!  My last post here was made when my twins were a mere two months old and now they are almost three.  … okay seriously I could rant about this forever … today I won’t …

… Pretty sure I sat down to rant about something else … what the heck was it?  ah yes … recently I was encouraged to get blogging … someone figured it would be a good idea since a have a thousand (six) kids a million (like, 40) cows and legit never any idea what in the world I’m doing.  Okay, that last part was my addition … but really, I don’t.  When deciding what to write about I turned to Pinterest (like a good Mom) and learned that I should always plan what I write (not gonna happen) find a niche (whatever) and then I will succeed.  If you don’t already know, I am not a girl who is going to pre-plan and pick one thing to babble on about so I will apologize in advance (you’ve been warned) … I’m pretty sure that “Scatterbrain” is in the heading here for a reason … an example?  … this blog post.

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