“Got Your Hands Full!?”…


… Yes, both hands actually, wonderful observation Random Passer By, thank you.  Thanks also for not helping me with the door … because as you’ve just so kindly pointed out, my hands are full … a car seat in each with which I’m trying to herd my 2 year old (without knocking her over) and also keep both of my eyeballs on my 6 & 5 year old girls … whom I instructed to hold hands and stay very close in the parking lot but my 6 year old is already in the store shopping and 5 year old has found a pet or a stranger to chat with … likely in the very middle of said parking lot.  

This morning I read this hilarious-because-its-true posting about “10 Things You Really Shouldn’t Say to Moms With Multiple Children”  Every single person that I pass slowly enough in the store, at church or on the street, especially since having The Twins has said something to me about the fullness of my hands, and lets be honest, I move very slowly.  Many people feel like they need to remind me more than once and often, though it’s probably not as dramatic as I make it sound or as I think it is.  It seems to always be when I’m struggling with a door that is far too small for 6 people to fit through (who decided on the size of doors anyways?) and extremely difficult to open with my head or butt.  Or mid- trying to discipline, communicate with, or wrangle a few kids.  Oh dear.

Now that I sound like an extreme complainer that doesn’t like talking to people or going places with my kids (both of which I very much enjoy doing) … one of the things mentioned in that post is when people say “enjoy these days” … this one I don’t mind so much. Sometimes when I’m sweating, frustrated and my voice is hoarse from reminding Jessie ten thousand times to “stay close!” I simply need to be reminded that children are actually miracles!  Mine are healthy and, contrary to what it sounds like, very well behaved, happy, loving and oh SO cute!!  One thing that really gets me mad is when people do the opposite … when they say “OOH … just you wait”, almost like they’re threatening you.  (which I think I also read a post on somewhere … I’ll try and find the link because it was a good one).  It’s as though they are telling us not to enjoy them, but to dread what may (or may not) come later on.  Someone said that to me within the first week of my firstborn’s life and it has bothered me ever since.  It’s like they think we are foolish for looking at our newborn with love and awe in our sleepy eyes, or laughing at the hilarious way our toddler says big words or sings a happy song.  Are we not supposed to be excited about our Kindergartner learning to read?  Or ride without training wheels?  All because someday they will talk back to us?  Or perhaps sneak out of the house to meet a friend after curfew?  OK, that last one, I’ll admit, already scares me a fair bit … but my point remains the same.  Lets ENJOY our kids please!!  Even through the challenges and frustrations that come with Parenthood … This. Is. Amazing.Image

2 comments on ““Got Your Hands Full!?”…”

  1. I love this post, AND I love this photo. Your big girls are so angelic, and The Twins (I like that phrase being capitalized) are just staring off into the sky like tiny perfect robots. They’re obviously not robots, but I think you get what I’m saying.

    Also: Hi! Way to be a blogger! I would open the door for you if I was around!


  2. I just have two little ones and people always comment on how busy I must be! Yes, I am busy with a 3 and a 1 year old but I always remind people that I’m busy in a good way. You’re right that people often quickly forget how wonderful the little stage is, challenging as it may be. So way to be a mommy who doesn’t wish her children’s years away!


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