All I See is Chaos

Above my pantry in my Kitchen is a beautiful (handmade by a friend) sign that reads "Love Grows Best in Chaos Just Like This" and while I believe it to be true, sometimes I wish for a less chaos. Do any of you get that "YES!  I'm-seriously-almost-organized-the-house-is-basically-clean-AND-tidy-WHOA-the-laundry-is-caught-up!" feeling?  Isn't it glorious? ... and then about an [...]

Things I love

These are a few of my favorite things because you totally care. I've actually been told that people care about what I think about the stuff that I use.  Likely because I have a multitude of children so I don't have time to mess around with products that don't do what they say they're going to [...]

Back-In-The-Day-Moms were hardcore!

... I'm talking way back in the day.  Like, pre-running water and electricity ... I legit don't know how they did it! No washer & dryer.  No dishwasher.  Vacuum.  Vehicles (could you imagine running your kids around with a horse and buggy?) More chores and less help.  I think often of what it must have been [...]

rambling on

Recently I was encouraged to get blogging (again, kind of) so I popped over here to my site and discovered that I hadn't written a dang thing since 2014!  Guess what you guys?!  That was three years ago!  I'm constantly amazed at how quickly the time goes.  Remember when we were kids, or even in [...]

“Got Your Hands Full!?”…

... Yes, both hands actually, wonderful observation Random Passer By, thank you.  Thanks also for not helping me with the door ... because as you've just so kindly pointed out, my hands are full ... a car seat in each with which I'm trying to herd my 2 year old (without knocking her over) and also [...]

Blah, Blah, Blah.

So just in case you (or I) were unsure if my brain scatteredness (totally a word) ... as I was looking at this page and at what was going to be my first post I noticed that I had misspelled the word "Mommy" ... I'm serious!!  Too many "M's".  Unbelievable! I'm sitting here watching Criminal [...]