All I See is Chaos

Above my pantry in my Kitchen is a beautiful (handmade by a friend) sign that reads "Love Grows Best in Chaos Just Like This" and while I believe it to be true, sometimes I wish for a less chaos. Do any of you get that "YES!  I'm-seriously-almost-organized-the-house-is-basically-clean-AND-tidy-WHOA-the-laundry-is-caught-up!" feeling?  Isn't it glorious? ... and then about an … Continue reading All I See is Chaos

rambling on

Recently I was encouraged to get blogging (again, kind of) so I popped over here to my site and discovered that I hadn't written a dang thing since 2014!  Guess what you guys?!  That was three years ago!  I'm constantly amazed at how quickly the time goes.  Remember when we were kids, or even in … Continue reading rambling on

Blah, Blah, Blah.

So just in case you (or I) were unsure if my brain scatteredness (totally a word) ... as I was looking at this page and at what was going to be my first post I noticed that I had misspelled the word "Mommy" ... I'm serious!!  Too many "M's".  Unbelievable! I'm sitting here watching Criminal … Continue reading Blah, Blah, Blah.